Electric Two Wheeler Ownership Simplified

No more excuses to not ride electric

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Worried about high ownership cost and limited resale value?

Why buy when you can lease a brand new electric two wheeler?

And upgrade to the latest model as and when you want

Wondering if electric two wheelers can meet your daily commute range?

We offer vehicles from leading manufacturers with a range of 55 to 110 kms

Waiting for charging infrastructure in your city?

We offer electric two wheelers with detachable batteries

No charging infrastructure is required

Charge batteries at home or office like your smartphone or laptop

Worried about how you will get your electric two wheeler serviced?

Our lease rental options cover preventive and corrective maintenance

And offer doorstep maintenance, interim vehicle replacement

Vehicles on offer come with zero maintenance Lithium Ion batteries

Irritated with the pollution in your city and not sure what to do about it?

Champion a noise and air pollution free city

Switch to a brand new electric two wheeler with a convenient lease rental offer from Welectric

Spread the word – get your friends and family to switch to electric

Electric Two Wheelers Offered

Welectric offers the Best Electric Two Wheelers from leading Manufacturers. We can suggest an electric two wheeler best suited to your requirement or offer the electric two wheeler you have already chosen


Are electric two wheelers fast enough for my requirements?

  • Average speed of traffic in Bangalore is around 18-19 kmph
  • We offer electric two wheelers which give you a top speed of up to 65 kmph

Isn’t an electric two wheeler more expensive to buy than a petrol powered vehicle? How is the total cost of ownership lower?

  • Electric two wheelers cost just Rs. 0.2 to 0.25 per km of electricity to run
  • No regular oil or filter change is required, hence the cost of maintenance is also low
  • Also the lease rental option from Welectric covers the cost of maintenance as well
  • By leasing instead of buying, you can experience the lower total cost of ownership from day 1 – click here to know more

Where can I lease a brand new electric two wheeler from Welectric?

  • We are currently offering our services in Bangalore
  • Express your interest if you are from a different city so we can come to your city faster (submit your request here)

What are the other benefits of an electric two wheeler?

  • Zero vibration and lighter two wheeler offers a better riding experience
  • Some models (with top speed of 25 kmph) do not need a license or helmet to ride around
  • And guess what, dogs don’t chase electric two wheelers. They surely know what is better for the roads

Do I have any restrictions on using my leased vehicle?

  • No, you can use your leased vehicle exactly as your own vehicle
  • The only difference is the additional flexibility that a lease rental structure offers

Join Our Team

If you are passionate about two wheelers

If you understand its importance for India

If you like to build the future rather than wait for it?

At Welectric, we have embarked on an audacious mission of becoming the catalyst in the adoption of electric two wheelers in India

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