Introducing Leazy

All-Inclusive Subscription, Cheaper than Bank EMI's

Brand New Electric 2W

Or Refurbished Electric 2W of Your Choice

Doorstep Support

For Maintenance, Warranties and Insurance

Buy, Upgrade or Exit​

Anytime after 12 Months as per Convenience

Choose from Curated EVs

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Welectric Support

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Our Story

Electric scooters and motorcycles are simple products that save money, improve lives and reduce emissions. However, these EVs are extremely complicated to consume. Limited dealers & financing options, hardly any workshops or mechanics and no used vehicle or secondary market make it complicated for two wheeler uses to switch to electric. What makes it more confusing is the large number of manufacturers building these products.

Welectric is simplifying electric 2W adoption by offering all-inclusive long-term subscription of brand new EVs of choice. Customers get all the benefits of ownership with the convenience of doorstep support and flexibility to upgrade or exit at the end of the commitment period.