Our Mission

Welectric is a Mission to Enable Rapid
and Mass Adoption of Electric Two Wheelers

We believe that every internal-combustion two-wheeler sold in India is a financial loss to the buyer (from a total cost of ownership perspective), hazard to the environment and a disadvantage to the economy.

With detachable lithium ion batteries that can be charged using any plug-point like a smartphone or laptop at residences and offices, we strongly believe that the electric two wheeler are already a superior solution for a majority of the internal combustion two wheeler users. With the ongoing significant investment in R&D and favorable economics, we believe that sooner than later electric two wheelers would be a superior alternative to almost all types of two wheelers.

Nonetheless, there are various challenges hampering the adoption of electric two wheelers viz low awareness, high cost of acquisition, limited finance options, scarce sales and after sale service network, low re-sale value, etc. Due to these factors, sale of electric two wheelers are abysmally low at around 0.5% of overall two wheeler sales. At Welectric, we are building multi-brand, omni-channel sales and lease rental solutions that will solve all these problems and enable rapid and mass transition of two wheeler users to electric.

Our Offering

Call it Electric Vehicle (EV) as a service or Electric Vehicle (EV) Subscription, our lease rental solutions are flexible and address most issues impeding the growth / adoption of Electric Two Wheelers. We are based in Bangalore and will soon start offering our services in other cities across India.

For Businesses


With highly customized lease rental solutions for electric two wheelers, Welectric is helping businesses in not just (i) discharging their moral, environment and social responsibility by using electric two wheelers for last mile delivery and other business operations but also (ii) saving operating costs and (iii) improving employee riding convenience and retaining them.

For Individuals


Whether you are a student, delivery executive, working executive, housewife or businessman, Welectric is building lease rental solutions to make it extremely convenient for you to have your own electric two wheeler, without any capital expenditure, loan liabilities or after sale service concerns. And guess what, you can upgrade to the latest available electric two wheeler as and when you like. click here  to know more.