Total Cost of Ownership of Electric Two Wheelers are lower than that for Petrol Two Wheelers
Are you still...

Petrol powered two wheelers strain the economy and environment. With population of over 170mn and around 20mn getting added every year, two wheelers are among the major causes of pollution in India

Welectric makes it easy for you, financially as well as operationally, to switch your fleet of two wheelers to electric. We offer customized lease rental solutions that reduce costs and increases efficiencies. We work with most of the leading manufacturers and therefore can offer you the electric two wheeler of your choice or the one best suited for your requirements.


Who is the solution for?

What are the benefits?

No Capex

Be asset light and acquire EVs without Capex - better ROI for your business

Lower Opex

No petrol and maintenance expense

No Charging
Infra Required

Removable batteries; charge anywhere like a laptop

Analytics and Monitoring

With IoT Technology, E2Ws can be tracked, monitored & controlled remotely


We take care of all after sale maintenance and insurance costs

Customised Lease Structure

As per your unique requirements


Buy option to your employees to help retain them

No Cost

Long term lease rental agreement will lock operating costs


Reduce carbon footprint & elevate your brand equity


Higher tax benefit compared to depreciation

How does it work?

We assess your operational requirements


We suggest the

best vehicle to suit your requirement


We provide you free trials to prove suitability


We structure the lease rentals as per your preferences


We deliver brand new electric two wheelers


We manage all after sale services


Become a CSR superstar and encourage your employees to use electric two wheelers for their personal use

We can also directly offer the lease programs to them

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