COMING SOON: Flexible and Convenient Electric Two Wheeler Lease Rental for Individuals

You switched from...

Feature phone
to smartphone
Typewriter to
Queues to
paying bills online
Carrying food
to getting parcels

Why continue to?

...cause noise and
air pollution?

...spend on petrol
& oil change? or take a loan
for your Two Wheeler? stuck in the
buy-sell-buy cycle?

Are you a student, delivery executive, working executive, housewife or businessman?

  • We are building lease rental solutions to make it extremely convenient for you to own an electric two-wheeler

  • Ownership without capital expenditure, loan liabilities or after sale service hassles

  • Upgrade to the latest available electric two-wheeler as and when you like

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What are the benefits

Own without Buying

Lease a brand new electric two-wheeler

Pocket Friendly

Running cost of electricity only Rs. 0.20 per km

Easier Ride

Lighter with Zero Vibration

All Inclusive Rentals

Insurance & maintenance costs included

Reducing Rentals

Lower rentals at every renewal

Smartphone App

Live tracking, trip details, geo-fencing, remote immobilization, etc.


Zero air pollution and near zero noise pollution

Convenient Maintenance

Doorstep service and replacement vehicle

Convenient Charging

Remove battery & charge like a laptop at Home or Office

No Worries on Resale Value

Upgrade when you want

No Range Anxiety

Range on full charge from 55 to 110 kms

Speed and Power

Top speed of upto 65kmph

To be the first one to know when we launch