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The Tap Tap Tap Digital support.

You walk out of your house to the street, stop any random bike and check the bike pockets, you will mostly see the following documents

  1. Physical copy of registration certificate

  2. Physical copy of bike Insurance

The Indian Road Traffic department has mandated every bike rider to carry the above documents every time and if they are stopped for inspection the riders should provide it on the spot.

A few years back the government had announced not to carry the documents all time but to submit at a later point in time if the document is not available during inspection. The law did not make any big difference in the rider's behavior in carrying the physical copy of support documents. This is simply due to avoid visiting the nearest traffic department office with physical documents and spending a couple of hours in the office, which nobody wants.

In our unique EV lifecycle management business, we are offering comprehensive lease rental solutions to help companies adopt electric two-wheelers (2Ws) to their last-mile delivery fleet. These services include managing the registration, insurance, and all maintenance or after-sale support. Our clients generally have pan-India operations and a delivery fleet of hundreds if not thousands in each city. Further, delivery executives may be assigned electric 2Ws on a daily/weekly, or monthly basis and therefore different users may be using the vehicles on different days.

Hence the requirement in front of us was to make sure that all the vehicle-related information and documents, as well as maintenance support, is available digitally to the user of the electric 2W.

What choice of tools do we have?


The number of smartphone users in India is estimated to be about 700 mn at the beginning of 2021. Having a smartphone in fact is a prerequisite to get the job of a delivery executive in most logistics and delivery companies.

I hail from a small town and have personally witnessed how UPI is being adopted as an alternate payment method in grocery stores, restaurants, and many small shops at my place during this pandemic.

This made me think people never hesitate to adopt new technology when the need arises. So we wanted to deliver a support solution combining both Mobile phones and QR codes instead of expensive and complicated options such as building a separate app. Most Android and Apple phone cameras automatically detect QR codes, and if required there are plenty of free apps available on the App Store and Play Stores.

Internet :

It is now difficult to get mobile plans without data/internet packages in India. Most smartphones and our target users already have them. Our solution only needs a couple of MB of data per bike per link visit. Hence, patchy telecom connectivity in some areas is not an impediment.

QR Code :

A QR code (quick response code) is a 2D barcode readable by a smartphone camera – you’ll recognize them as those black and white squares that look similar to a UPC

QR code is a cost-effective way to offer a digital experience to any business. The benefits of QR codes are ease of use, Digital signage tracking, Capturing attention also taking Digital action. We printed the unique QR code for each vehicle and placed it under the seat of every electric bike.


Welectric AI EV Cloud:

We are building an AI-driven digital EV cloud to manage the life cycle (from sales to scrap) of all our EV vehicles, batteries, and parts.

With all the above-mentioned tools if our customer/customer’s rider is stuck at any time looking for vehicle details, support documents or support options to quickly reach us anytime are at the bottom of every rider's bike seat.

Simple 3 steps support

  1. Open the Bike seat locate the QR code

  2. Open your smartphone Camera and scan it.

  3. Most cameras will ask you permission to click to open the link in your mobile browser. The link will take you to our AI driven EV Cloud

There you go, all the information you needed now.

Watch the video here.

With this, we are also able to collect crucial information on the rider behavior and vehicle usage,

and maintenance incidents. Our smart AI system is building capabilities to not just make the maintenance support experience better but also very soon be able to provide predictive maintenance support.

This is just one of many cool features we are building to build the maintenance ecosystem required to make electric vehicles a reality. Many more are on the way.

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